Refrigerant Gas R600a In Small Can
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  • Air ProRefrigerant Gas R600a In Small Can

Refrigerant Gas R600a In Small Can

we supply Refrigerant Gas R600a high quality with 99.9% purity. we devoted ourselves to refrigerant gas for 10 years. We are expecting become your long term partner in China.

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Product Description

Refrigerant Gas R600a

1.  Product Introduction

R600a refrigerant is the refrigerant used to complete refrigeration in the refrigerator. It absorbs heat from cooled objects at low temperatures and then transfers it to cooling water or air at higher temperatures.

2.Product Parameter (Specification)




Vapor Residue





3.Product Feature And Application

R600a refrigerant is an environmentally friendly refrigerant used to replace R12 refrigerants. It is mainly used to replace R12 and R134a refrigerants in refrigerators, freezers and other small refrigeration equipment. As R600a is inflammable, it is usually only used in low temperature refrigeration equipment with less liquid filling.  Now let's understand the specific application and advantages and disadvantages of refrigerator R600A refrigerant.


1. No fluorine, no pollution.

2. High refrigeration efficiency and small compressor power.

3. The production cost of refrigerator R600A freon is relatively low.

4. In the process of manufacturing refrigerator R600A refrigerant, the loss is small, and the refrigerating dose of each refrigerator filled with R600A is small, as long as about 50g.

5. Refrigerator R600A refrigerant has no special requirements on its system materials, and the system runs reliably.


1. Due to the flammability of R600A refrigerant, improper use of Refrigerator R600A refrigerant will easily cause combustion and explosion.

2. Safety and explosion-proof measures shall be put into the production process of refrigerator R600A refrigerant.

3. R600a refrigerant is not suitable for air-cooled refrigerators and high-dose filling refrigerators.

4.Product Details


220g,650g,6. 5kg, 11kg, 20kg/40L; 460kg/926L, ISO-tank.

5.Product Qualification

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