R407C Refrigerant Gas
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R407C Refrigerant Gas

R407C refrigerant gas
A non-ODP HFC refrigerant replacement for R22
Offers similar performance to R22
Used to retrofit R22 air-conditioning systems

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Product Description

R407C Refrigerant Gas

we supply Refrigerant Gas R407c high quality with 99.9% purity. we devoted ourselves to refrigerant gas for 10 years. We are expecting become your long term partner in China.

1.  Product Introduction of R407C Refrigerant Gas

R407c is a non-ODP HFC refrigerant replacement for R22 in positive displacement systems such as new or existing residential air-conditioning and heat pumps. Offers similar performance to R22 and can be used to retrofit R22 air-conditioning systems.

2.Product Parameter (Specification) of R407C Refrigerant Gas




Vapor Residue





3.Product Feature And Application of R407C Refrigerant Gas

R407c environmentally friendly refrigerant used to replace R22 and R502 with clean, low toxic, non-flammable, cooling effect and good features, a large number for air conditioning industry.

4.Product Details of R407C Refrigerant Gas


Disposable Cylinders: 6LB/11LB/24LB

Refillable Cylinders: 800L/926L/ISO-TANK

5.Product Qualification

6.Deliver,Shipping And Serving


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