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Precautions for Using Refrigerant

1. Refrigerant cylinders should be placed in a cool and ventilated place to prevent high temperature and sun exposure. Handle with care during transportation and no knocks.
2. When the refrigerant is stored, there should be absolutely no chronic leakage at the cylinder valve.
3. When a large number of refrigerant leaks are found, doors and windows must be opened for ventilation to prevent ginseng poisoning and suffocation.
4. The refrigerant cylinder must be strictly inspected before it can be used. The ammonia bottle is yellow, and the freon bottle is silver gray.
5. It is strictly forbidden to heat it with an open flame, but it can be applied with hot water or hot cloth.
6. Keep away from fire sources when adding refrigerant to the unit. Open flames are strictly prohibited when the air contains refrigerant.
7. It should be cooled when the refrigerant is pumped out of the system and pressed into the cylinder. Generally, it is appropriate to fill 60% of the cylinder.
8. When repacking or charging refrigerant, the city must have unblocked air, and operators must wear gloves and glasses to prevent accidental frostbite.