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Precautions For The Use Of R407c and R134A

1. Avoid entering highly concentrated water vapor. Although this type of refrigerant is not easy to burn under normal temperature and pressure conditions, its mixture can burn under high pressure and high concentration air conditions. The storage of refrigerants should be far away from fire sources and high-temperature metal surfaces.
2. R407C and R134a refrigerants have low toxicity, but high-dose inhalation of R407C will cause anesthesia, and very high concentrations will cause abnormal heart rhythms and cause sudden death. High refrigerant concentrations of R407C and R134a in the atmosphere will cause suffocation due to lack of oxygen.
3. Eyes, hands and skin contact with refrigerant will cause frostbite.
4. The mixed gas with air shall not be used for pressure and leak detection tests.
5. Don't overheat the reservoir containing refrigerant. Thermal decomposition will produce steam with strong toxicity and (R407C strong corrosive) (R134a irritant). If it overheats, the reservoir will explode.
6. Don't hit or abuse the refrigerant bottle.
7. The refrigerant bottle must be placed vertically.
8. Use a suitable wrench to open and close the refrigerant bottle valve.