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What's the advantage of R507

It is a long-term substitute for R-502 refrigerant (HFC-type substances), with an ODP value of zero, and does not contain any ozone-depleting substances. Because the cooling capacity and efficiency of R507 refrigerant are very close to R502, and it has excellent heat transfer performance and low toxicity, R507 is more suitable for medium and low temperature freezing applications than any other known alternatives to R-502.

R507 and R404A are the same environmentally friendly refrigerants used to replace R502, but R507 can usually reach a lower temperature than R404A. R507 is suitable for new commercial refrigeration equipment (supermarket refrigerating cabinets, cold storage, display cabinets, transportation), ice making equipment, transportation refrigeration equipment, marine refrigeration equipment or newer equipment at medium and low temperatures. It is suitable for all environments where R502 can operate normally. .

The standard boiling point of R507 is -46.7°C, which is very close to the standard evaporation temperature of R502.

Under the same working conditions, its unit volume refrigeration capacity is slightly larger than R502, and the compressor discharge temperature is slightly lower than R502; but the condensing pressure is slightly higher than R502, so the pressure is slightly higher than R502S.