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Introduction of R508b Refrigeran

R-508B is an environmentally friendly refrigerant R-508B refrigerant, alias R508B, and its product names include SUVA 95, Genetron 508B, etc. R-508B is an environmentally friendly azeotropic refrigerant that does not contain CFC and HCFC substances that destroy the ozone layer. It is currently recognized and recommended by most countries in the world as a mainstream ultra-low temperature environmentally friendly refrigerant. It is widely used in new refrigeration equipment (ultra-low temperature, Cryogenic) on the initial installation and re-added during the repair process. It complies with the standards of the U.S. environmental protection organization EPA, SNAP and UL, and complies with the A1 safety level category of the American Society of Heating, Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) (this is the highest level and harmless to humans).
R-508B main purpose R-508B (SUVA 95) is a widely used ultra-low temperature refrigerant. Due to the good comprehensive performance of R-508B, it becomes a very effective and safe CFC-13 (R13, R-13, Freon) 13. Alternatives to Freon-13), R-503 and HFC-23 (R23, R-23, Freon 23, Freon-23), mainly used in environmental test chambers/equipment (cold and heat shock tester), freeze-drying In cryogenic equipment (including scientific research refrigeration, medical refrigeration, etc.), such as cryogenic equipment (including scientific research refrigeration, medical refrigeration, etc.), ultra-low temperature refrigerators or freezers, blood bank refrigerators or freezers, refrigeration systems for these cascade refrigeration systems. R508B refrigerating temperature can be reduced to -80℃ or even lower. It is a long-term substitute for R-13, R-503 and R-23 that meet industry standards. It is fully adapted to the working environment of R-503.