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A few simple ways to determine if your air conditioner is running low on refrigerant

By summer, the air-conditioning has entered the peak period of use. In the refrigeration process of air conditioning, many factors may affect the quality of the refrigeration effect, and the refrigerant is one of the important factors, today we're going to talk about how you can easily tell if an air conditioner is running low on refrigerant at home. Open the outer cover of the inner machine by detecting condensation of the inner machine evaporator and the temperature difference between the air inlet and the air outlet, the coil fin of the air-conditioner will form a layer of relatively uniform water droplets, that is, air-conditioner condensate, after the air-conditioner works normally for a period of time. If the air-conditioning system is short of refrigerant, because the system working pressure is not enough, the area of refrigeration work is reduced, the distribution of water droplets is uneven, the system may be short of refrigerant. If there is a home temperature gun, through the detection machine air inlet and outlet temperature difference to judge, normal temperature difference more than 10 degrees. If the air inlet is 28 degrees, the air outlet is 16 degrees, the temperature difference is 12 degrees, proving that the air conditioning is working normally, the temperature difference is less than 10 degrees can also judge the system may lack of refrigerant. By observing whether there is oil pollution at the valve joint of the outside air-conditioner, the oil pollution can not be seen at the joint of the high and low pressure valve of the air-conditioner and the air-conditioner pipe. If black oil can be seen at the joint, the valve joint is leaking, because of the mutual solubility of refrigerant and refrigerant oil, the refrigerant oil leaked to the outside of the tube with the circulation of refrigerant. In this case we need to find the leak point, the common reason is that there are cracks in the bell mouth and sodium sub-lock, re-expansion bell mouth and lock sodium sub-re-supply refrigerant can be. By observing the temperature of the outside air-conditioning pipe and touching the air-conditioning pipe, it can be judged that the outside air-conditioning return pipe, i. e. the thick pipe, will hang a layer of water droplets, and the high-pressure Pipe, i. e. the thin pipe, will dry. Feel the temperature of the two tubes with your hands. The thin tubes are a little hot or a little cold. The thick tubes feel cold. This shows that the air conditioner works well. There are many reasons for the poor cooling effect of air conditioning, this article only makes a simple judgment for the lack of refrigerant system. If you need accurate judgment, we need a professional pressure gauge to detect the working pressure of the refrigerant to judge, through numerical comparison, common R22 low side pressure 4.5-5 kg, high side 13-15 kg, R410 low side 6-8 kg, high-pressure side of 22-26 kg, in this range are normal.