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Automotive air conditioning refrigerant need change regularly?


Recently the weather is getting hot, there are a lot of car owners will come to the shop maintenance air conditi refrigeration effect will be worse than in previous years, a lot of reaction, does need to replace the refrigerant?

About the car air conditioning: how long will it take to change a refrigerant, and entity shop online has a lot of different. Others said, automobile air conditioners and household air conditioners, refrigerators, can use for a long time do not need to be replaced periodically. There will be a lot of different, think the car air conditioning refrigerant needs regular replacement, have suggested in 2 ~ 3 years, 4 ~ 6 years has suggested. The statement is correct?

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Is rigorous, the automobile air conditioning refrigerant is need to be replaced regularly, because of household air conditioner and automotive refrigerant from the category is different, now used by most of the automotive air conditioning refrigerant is 134 a, compared with R410a used by household air conditioner, it working environment worse, in the car to better water absorption and high temperature resistant performance, the corresponding its service life will be limited.

There is a "frozen" oil in the car air conditioning system, has the role of lubrication and suction, after repeated use for a long time, also need to be replaced on a regular basis. More than 4 years of vehicles, if there is an air conditioning refrigeration effect is poor, after rule out the failure or damage of parts, timely replacement of refrigerant will be needed.

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On the refrigerant replacement cars, attention should be paid to agree with the filling amount stipulated in the car, although there is a certain amount of remaining, but also cannot too much or too little, both will affect the automobile air conditioning refrigeration effect. General family cars are stipulated in the 350 grams to 650 grams left and right sides, master some repair shop in order to make more money, will give the owner a few bottles of refrigerant or more secretly put off part of the new handcart mainly pay attention to identify, avoid being cheated.