Industry news

  • Refrigerant gas has a certain degree of water absorption. On the one hand, when the refrigeration system penetrates and a small amount of water, it will produce ice plugs and affect normal operation.


  • The working fluid in the refrigerator to complete the thermal cycle. It absorbs the heat of the object to be cooled at low temperature, and then transfers it to cooling water or air at a higher temperature.


  • Refrigerant cylinders should be placed in a cool and ventilated place to prevent high temperature and sun exposure. Handle with care during transportation and no knocks.


  • R407C and R134a refrigerants have low toxicity, but high-dose inhalation of R407C will cause anesthesia, and very high concentrations will cause abnormal heart rhythms and cause sudden death. High refrigerant concentrations of R407C and R134a in the atmosphere will cause suffocation due to lack of oxygen.


  • According to the molecular structure of the refrigerant, the refrigerant can be divided into inorganic compounds and organic compounds; according to the composition of the refrigerant, it can be divided into single refrigerant and mixed refrigerant;


  • At present, most of the refrigerants used in the refrigeration and air-conditioning industry are CFC (collective term for chlorofluorocarbons) and HCFC (hydrochlorofluorocarbons) . These substances have a destructive effect on the ozone layer and produce a greenhouse effect.